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Define, Design, Develop

Define, Design, Develop

#1  โ€”  To whomever reads this..

#1 โ€” To whomever reads this..

Transparency behind the blog's purpose.

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Evan C. Navarro
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[POST #001] 'Define, Design, Develop' by Evan C. Navarro

๐Ÿ˜“ "How to format the blog posts" was an immediate concern for me.

When starting certain creative projects, there seems to be an unfortunate pattern that tends to unfold during its life cycle.

  • First, there is hesitancy to start that project without already having laid out a fine-grained plan answering the how, what, why, etc.
  • Second, the project becomes all that I think about, each day.
  • Third, there is a natural drop in my consistency of work produced.
  • Fourth and finally, shame is felt regarding this inconsistency, and later the project is thankfully finished (but not with the same passion, as applied during the beginning).

This reoccurring theme is flawed.

The goal of this blog is to help stop this pattern, or at the very least; reduce the chances of it frequently happening.

The thought process: by starting this small project, I'll slowly add to my hypothetical muscle-memory for "consistency". And as a result, by having held a consistent flow of produced work for this small-scale blog project; my other projects will follow this newly established pattern.

In short, this blog will serve as a home for my pseudo-diary, DevLogs, overviews of newly learned design concepts, career-relevant book reviews, and most of all; a living example of consistency for all future employers.

As always, thank you for your time.
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