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Define, Design, Develop

Define, Design, Develop

#2 โ€” Baby Steps

#2 โ€” Baby Steps

Microlearning across the board.

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Evan C. Navarro
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[POST #002] 'Define, Design, Develop' by Evan C. Navarro

๐Ÿ‘ถ Small, Incremental, Baby steps

Trying to learn everything at once is preferred, but impossible. The only way to continually truly grow is through "small incremental changes towards a positive direction".

Baby Steps towards what?

I am now working towards finishing courses in learning Javascript, Design, and general Schoolwork. With all of these things requiring so much effort as a whole, the goal has now been to break them up into small chunks; worked on daily.

This method will take longer

Despite the fact that doing all of these things will take longer than just focusing on one thing directly, the pay off is greater. At the end of the journey, there will be more to showcase, than just one good project. Instead, I'll have 3 really good collections of work.

"The only way, is to juggle."
And juggle I will.

As always, thank you for your time.
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